StarCraft II welcomes the villainous Arcturus Mengsk as next co-op commander


Good to be Bad

During today’s BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony, the publisher didn’t have a whole lot of news for fans of tactical strategy title StarCraft II. But it did reveal the next co-op commander preparing for intergalactic battle, and its none other than classic villain Arcturus Mengsk.

The treacherous Mengsk was a comrade-in-arms to heroes Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan, before instigating the events that left Kerrigan abandoned on the battlefield and condemned to her fate as the destructive Queen of Blades. Mengsk would eventually go on to reign as the Emperor of Terran, spinning public opinion against his former pal Raynor.

It’s this powerful talent for indoctrination that Mengsk brings to the StarCraft II battlefield, using his “inspirational broadcasts” to send crowds of cannon fodder to their death, softening up the enemy, before sending in his feared Royal Guard units to deliver the killing blow.

Arcturus Mengsk will be available for StarCraft II in late November.