Stardew Valley with Pokemon mods is pretty much the best


Here are several

Stardew Valley shot up the charts on Steam, and into everyone’s hearts shortly after its launch in February.Now the developer is working on making a console release happen, and the empire of cuteness will be able to reign worldwide.But you can make it even more cute if you want with Pokemonmods — and there’s a lotof them out at this point.

The biggest pack includes Irowirow’s Retextures, which alters 15 creatures to Game Freak’s specifications. LittleNerdyOtaku also has a massive add-on as well. It’s just…wonderful. This game really didn’t need to change a whole lot, but having skins to smile at every once in a while is a nice bonus.

Pokemon Retextures [Nexus Mods via Siliconera]