Stardew Valley's huge 1.5 update is 'possibly' coming to consoles 'by the end of January'


‘Mobile has no release estimate yet’

In case you missed it, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, developer of Stardew Valley, just put out a gigantic update for the game on PC. The operative phrase here: PC.

As is customary, the patch surprise-dropped on the platform basically when it was done, but everything else is going to get it later. While “January” was the previous target for consoles, now it’s been narrowed down to “by the end of the month.”

According to a Tweet from Barone, update 1.5 will possibly “be ready by the end of January,” but they “cannot guarantee that yet.” The mobile release is even murkier, as it has “no release estimate yet.” When that actually arrives on other platforms, it’ll also have to have the additive bug fixes that have since been deployed to the PC edition.

Interestingly, Barone has given us a semi-rare peek into the development process, stating that “since update 1.4,” they have had a “small team working with [them] on the updates.” Barone stresses that it is “really small,” and that 1.5 was actually just them and game developer Mr. Podunkian.

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