Stare down the sights of Metro Exodus' most impressive weapons


Welcome to the gun show

And so we reach the conclusion of our three-part look at the Metro Exodus. We’ve seen the allies, and we’ve seen the mutants. This last gallery is arguably more important than any friend or foe.

These are the weapons of Metro Exodus, and they are an A1 priority because they’re the only things that’ll keep Artyom not-dead. Being still-alive in post-apocalyptic Russia is a major accomplishment. It doesn’t happen by sheer luck. It happens by putting everything else in the ground. Hence, the armaments need to stay locked and loaded with the safety off.

Of course, your take on these weapons might differ. Metro Exoduspromises to put heavy emphasis on gun customization, meaning any of these can be outfitted with all sorts of attachments and modifications. Ammo is still a precious commodity though, so measure twice and cut once (or whatever the appropriate analog for gun shooting might be).

There you have it. By looking at these 29 images over the course of this three-part series, you should be perfectly equipped to survive the Siberian nuclear winter. We’ve done our part. Any failure is squarely on your shoulders.