Steam Controllers and Machines only available at select retailers this year


GameStop, EB Games, and Game UK

In a strange twist, it has been announced that Valve has partnered with GameStop in the USA, Game UK, and EB Games in Canada to be the exclusive non-digital retailers for Steam Controllers and Steam Machines through the holiday season.

These stores “are leading retail destinations for core gamers and early adopters,” says Valve’s lovable overlord Gabe Newell.

Clearly Newell hasn’t talked to me, as I view GameStop as a last-ditch effort if I’m looking for something specific and I’ve come up empty handed literally everywhere else. The constant pushing of add-ons and services matched with the giant egos and talking down that I’ve experienced at most GameStops has completely turned me off of returning.

No word yet on what digital retailers will be carrying Steam hardware other than ordering directly from Valve through Steam itself.