Steam sale: Outlast, Metro: Last Light, Injustice


Savings don’t stop

Today’s daily deals in the Steam sale just hit, and there’s sort of an overarching spooky theme to it (if you look really hard and don’t think about it too much). Titles like Outlast, Metro: Last Light, and Alan Wakeare all on discount, and all are sure to keep you tensed and on the edge of your seat. In the same vein, Game Dev Tycoonis also on sale, and the life of a game developer might be scarier than anything found in those other three games.

Daily deals:

  • Game Dev Tycoon($4.99)
  • Rising Storm($4.99)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us($24.99)
  • Kerbal Space Program($16.19)
  • Farming Simulator 2013($14.99)
  • Outlast($6.79)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV($4.99)
  • Alan Wake($2.99)
  • Metro: Last Light($13.59)

The current flash sales are Limbo($4.99), Spacebase DF-9($12.49), Shadow Warrior($9.99), and Tropico 4($5.99). The community has chosen Nihilumbra($2.99) as the title to be discounted for the time being. The next community choice game will be either Anno 2070($7.50), Europa Universalis IV($20.00), or Age of Empires II HD($5.00).