Steamforged Games has a Devil May Cry board game headed to Kickstarter


It ain’t Monopoly

Those of you who haven’t been directly injected with enough Devil May Cry in 2019 will be pleased to hear that there is currently a board game adaptation of the hip action series in the works, with a crowdfunding campaign set to start very soon.

Designed and developed by Steamforged Games – who are also responsible for tabletop versions of Resident Evil 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dark SoulsDevil May Cry: The Bloody Palace will find players choosing their favourite hero and battle in the endless dungeon, with an aim to out-style the opposition. Dante, Nero, Trish and V are currently expected to be the chosen participants, although more characters may be added if stretch goals are met.

Of course, one of the best aspects of board game adaptations is that they are usually accompanied by neat miniatures of all your favourite characters. The Bloody Palace is no different, although at the moment only a basic prototype shot of the game is available. The Kickstarter campaign will launch this Spring, although I’ve no doubt the required target will be met, given Steamforged Games’ previous successes.

You can check out more information on Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace right here.