STOP THE PRESSES: Ubisoft has a new swirl


Stop the press, more like

Ubisoft, a company that is still occasionally ridiculed for calling Watch Dogsprotagonist Aiden Pearce’s baseball hat “iconic,” actually has an iconic symbol of its own. For nearly 15 years, Ubisoft’s purple swirl logo has been synonymous with a lot of video game trends — from the wealth of big budget triple-A action titles (like Assassin’s Creed) to the incessant dilution of the open-world format (like Assassin’s Creed). It kind of just depends on who you ask.

That purple swirl is no more. Ubisoft revealed that it has retired its old logo in favor of a new, yet extremely similar one. Here’s Ubi’s take on the updated logo:

Our new logo is minimalist, modern and monochromatic. It’s a window into our worlds, giving a preview of what’s to come by highlighting the artistry that goes into creating them. The swirl and the letter O are both deliberately created to be reminiscent of hand-drawn shapes and represent our human qualities of enthusiasm, curiosity and thegrain de foliethat Ubisoft is known for.

Hmm, grain de folie. Indeed. I was also going to point that out. My commentary certainly wasn’t going to stop at “It’s not purple anymore. Now it’s white.”

Anyway, please stay tuned to Destructoid for all the important breaking E3 news.

Say Hello To The New Ubisoft Swirl [UbiBlog]