Story-heavy roguelike Sunless Sea headed to iPad


Why, ye mutinous dogs!

The crew-eating descent into madness that is Sunless Sea is coming to iPad.

BlitWorks is handling the port for Failbetter Games, and they’re targeting a spring 2017 release. The studio has worked on other notable mobile adaptations like Don’t Starve and Bastion, so it should be in good hands. Aside from the Zubmariner expansion, this will be up to date with the PC version.

In his review, Ben left off with a helpful note on who probably will and won’t dig this writing-heavy, horror-tinted exploration game in which death is an inevitability. “If you expect fast-paced action, despise multitasking, or can’t handle defeat, then this game probably isn’t for you. However, if you are patient, enjoy strategy and planning, and are ready to spend hours upon hours sailing the cold, dark oceans, then you will most likely find Sunless Sea to be a very compelling and satisfying adventure.”

Sunless Sea has sold over 500,000 copies to date. That’s a not-insignificant audience.