Stranger Things Experience coming to PlayStation VR


It’ll have that font and everything

Sony released a teaser trailer announcing that PlayStation VR will be a getting an “experience” soon based upon everyone’s favourite “Have you watched it yet?” Netflix show, Stranger Things.

The teaser, frankly, is little more than an animated announcement. As such, it doesn’t really tell us anything. The news comes during a week where PlayStation VR has seen a real resurgence in upcoming projects, with multiple new titles announced at Sony’s Paris conference for the immersive 3D hardware.

There was a short, interactive YouTube game released well over a year ago that featured a scene similar to the one in the teaser below. It remains to be seen whether this “new” PSVR game is just a dusted-off replication of that, or whether it will be re-worked and expanded for the Sony hardware.

Stranger Things recently debuted its second season, which got off to the best start by featuring a Dragon’s Lair cabinet. It is available to watch on Netflix now.