Studio behind the Mario & Luigi series is recruiting for mobile and Switch development


Not the 3DS

As Nintendo continues to be not give us a full answer on whether or not the 3DS will live on or live via life support, or if there’s going to be a 3DS 2 (right now it’s “it depends on the Switch” and “maybe” respectively), it does in fact, live on with some big releases.

That future may or may not involve the Mario & Luigiseries, as based on a recent job listing for the studio behind the franchise — AlphaDream — seems to shift the focus to mobile, PS4, and Switch development. The listing is for a graphic design gig, and for reference, the company is not a first-party Nintendo studio; they just develop the Mario & Luigi series in partnership with the company.

While the PS4 denotation is more telling, they could very well be partnering up with Nintendo yet again with their many upcoming mobile projects.

Jobs [AlphaDream via Nintendo Life]