Summer Lesson's new waifu is pretty cute, but the deluxe price isn't


Chisato Shinjo wants you to panic

Chisato Shinjo has finally been unveiled as the next heroine in Summer Lesson. She lives in an old mansion which you’ll venture to in order to teach her about the outside world including modern society and even manga, computers, and video games.

Chisato is apparently very sheltered and thus is quite selfish, which according the to creators will lead to “more surprising experiences and mysterious feelings than ever before.” Mysterious feelings…I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

The base game will be 2,980 yen (~$27) Early birds will earn the “Twilight Blouse” and “Black Embroidery Blouse” costumes for Chisato. Those who buy the8,320 yen (~$76) Deluxe Version will also get a PS4 theme, theRed Carpet Magic Hour (Additional Experience Pack), theCool Breeze Break Time (Additional Experience Pack), and most importantly two exclusive scenes.

The two exclusive scenes, which also feature exclusive costumes for Chisato, are titled “Twilight Youth Chapter” and “Performance Chapter.” It’s one thing if these came out as DLC after the release, but to pull it out of the game and charge an extra $50 for them is ludicrous. Of course no one gives a rat’s ass about the experience packs or themes, and certainly wouldn’t pay $50 for them, no people want the scenes that should be in the base game if they’re finished before release.

The “princess raised in a tower separated from the outside world” trope sounds fun, especially the idea of introducing games to her.