Super Mario Maker 2 'already off to a good start' with 2.42 million sold in just over a month


Just enough to *not* crack the top 10 all-time Switch sales list, but it’ll get there

Among Nintendo’s general hardware earnings for this past quarter, the publisher also took the time to specifically call out at least one software success: Super Mario Maker 2.

In its quarterly report, Nintendo boasts that in the short period since its release, Mario Maker 2hit a target of 2.42 million units sold, stating that the game is “off to a good start.” Given that the Nintendo Switch has a much brighter future than the Wii U that’s likely an understatement, so long as they can keep their level-sharing infrastructure intact for years to come.

So what does 2.42 million units sold actually mean? Well let’s break it down. It’s not a rip-roaring success like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which crushed the 10 million mark in less than six months, but it’s almost enough to put Mario Maker 2in the “top 10 best-selling Switch games of all time” list. Currently 2.42 million is just under Mario Tennis Aces, which holds the coveted 10th number on the list.

I’d say give it less than a month for Mario Maker 2to take its rightful place.Which, mind, would mean that “Mario” branded games still take up exactly half of the spots on the entire list.

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