Super Mario Maker 2 level reimagines 1-1 for modern times


‘SMB 1-1 with a tiny twist’

I can see it now: You’re innocently browsing for courses in Super Mario Maker 2 and you come across something described as “1-1 but with a twist.” What could it be? It’s only a quick click away! That’s how they get you. That’s how you fall into the abyss. You can’t possibly escape with your dignity intact.

The iconic Super Mario Bros. level has wormed its way into countless games that feature user-created content, but this one’s different. This one is out for blood. If you aren’t feeling anxious right now, get ready to. Creator Sunny has taken 1-1 to the extreme with an onslaught of ever-rotating Fire Bars.

I held my breath during most of this playthrough.

Think you have the patience and skill to clear this challenge? The course ID is YXL-D4C-TQF.

The fiendish creation calls to mind an article from the Destructoid archives simply titled “Show-off.”

@YTSunnys [Twitter]