Super Mario Maker has a bunch of characters


Seemingly at least 90 slots

By grabbing a question-mark mushroom in Super Mario Maker, you’ll transform into a different 8-bit character like Link or the Wii Fit Trainer. The latter is adorable. Based on this screenshot, there are going to betonsof new faces in the Mushroom Kingdom — it shows 90 slots!

Word is that not all of the so-called Mystery Suits will be tied to amiibo, but I’m sure plenty of them are and I’d be curious to see how they translate to lo-fi graphics. Sonic, for instance.

Mario Maker is nuts, by the way. You’ve surely seen footage of how ridiculous levels can get but, the thing is, you have to personally beat any levels you design before others can download them.

So, someone was able to clear those crazy-hard courses we’ve been seeing. Probably not Reggie.

[Via GoNintendo]