Super Mario Odyssey speedruns are starting to roll in, and they're amazing


All the different categories are going to be great

The moment I started playing Mario Odyssey, I knew it was going to be a great speedrun game. I mean most Mario titles are, truthfully, but the sheer amount of tech available due to the Cappy transformations is really going to lend some variety to all of the speedrun videos coming out.

There’s a bunch already, too, and they’re already dipping into below the hour and a half mark. World records are teetering around 1:28:00 at the time of this writing, and will probably be shaved on a day-to-day basis until a plateau is reached (which could be months as long as new discoveries are made). One of the best runners,IMtendo (who you can watch below), even thinks that runners can shave down to sub one-hour clears.

Another big thing to note is that there are multiple categories available for speedruns, including the well-loved “any %” modifier. That means that prospective runners can acquire whatever Moons they want so long as the critical path is cleared (read: 253), so there’s likely going to be a lot of differential when it comes to figuring out which Moons are the most important to grab. If you want content complete (503 for clearing the secret level) or 100% runs, they’re an option too, but the latter is going to be pretty insane given the sheer number of coins required to unlock every costume.

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I am *so* happy w/ the Speedrun Categories for #Odyssey! Something for everyone no matter your time devotion!

Any%, 100% and all inbetween~

— Tempo | trihex (@trihexx) October 30, 2017