Sure, I'd live in an Animal Crossing version of Pokemon's Pallet Town


Yeah I love this

I’m enjoying the painstaking Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan creations far more than I am Animal Crossing proper right now.

We already had the amazing Zelda: Link to the Past island that took three straight days of terraforming to make, and now we have this: a wonderfully cute rendition ofPallet Town from the first generation of Pokemon(or the anime, if you prefer). Twitter user Migue posted this lovely little video of them walking through Pallet Town, which has been re-created in a near 1:1 format from the original Game Boy entry.

The Red [Ash] outfit is just theCherubi-on-top. At this point so many folks have “completed” the game and are just living their best life with their creations day-to-day. That’s basically how Animal Crossing is meant to be played.

¿De qué me suena todo esto? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

— Migue (@LinkMigue) March 30, 2020