Surprise! Tetris Effect is coming to the PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive this month


With VR support

Tetris Effect rules. It’s one of the best Tetris games in years, VR or no VR, but it was only available on PS4 for the past eight months or so. Until now, that is.

Publisher Enhance has confirmed to Destructoid that the game will be coming to PC on July 23, exclusively on the Epic Games Store. It’ll be one of the few VR-enabled games on the storefront, so it’ll be keeping its VR capabilities from the PS4 edition. The PC port will sport 4K “or more” resolutions with an uncapped framerate, and sport ultra-wide monitor support with “graphical options not found in the console release” for 2D and VR play. Particle volume/size sliders, texture filtering, “and more” are hinted at from Enhance.

The game will be 20% off if you order it in the next two weeks, and will include digital deluxe DLC (“a seven-track sampler of the award-winning soundtrack by Hydelic and ten Tetris Effect themed 4K desktop wallpapers”) for free. Again, this game rules, and if you aren’t down with a particular storefront, the PS4 version isn’t going anywhere.