Sushee tweets confirm that Fear Effect remake is still happening


Rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated

Indie-outfit Sushee have put out a tweet at confirming that the remake of 1999’s PlayStation title Fear Effect is still on the books, despite fan’s concern that there had been no news of the project since its reveal last year.

To be honest, it figures that you wouldn’t build hype for the remake while work was still underway on your current Fear Effect title, as you risk confusing consumers with which game is which. Now that Fear Effect Sedna is finished and available to the public, the work can begin on marketing Reinvented.

Fear Effect Sedna is available March 6 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Fear Effect: Reinvented is currently in development for the same platforms.

Fear not. Fear Effect Reinvented (the remake of the first game) is not dead! Actually… some of the characters are really looking forward to playing Sedna on March 6th!

— Fear Effect (@FearEffect) March 2, 2018