Sword Coast Legends is taking a short rest, releasing October 20


In terms less nerdy, it’s been delayed

Oh,Sword Coast Legends. Your Dungeon Master mode impressed me more than I thought it would, and the time I spent with you over the weekend was but a taste of your possible wonders. While I still have some concerns, I want the world to get their (sleight of) hands all over you.

But it’s hard when you’ve been hit by two delays, now. Initially, you were coming to the PC, Mac, and Linux on September 8. Then, you were expected on September 29. And now I hear that you’re restrained until October 20? I know that’ll upset some, but take your time. Plus, you offered your Rage of DemonsDLC to all pre-ordering folks to lessen the blow.Use that player feedback you’ve received from the head start weekends (also available to those who pre-order) to make the best game you can.

Hopefully, the Q1 2016 release dates for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 won’t be obscured for too long.