Take a look at the full cast of Indivisible's guest characters


Don’t stop believing

Indivisible is currently in crowdfunding overtime, with over a million dollars raised and 13 days left in its extended Indigogo campaign. The game still has about $400,000 left to raise in that time, so it’s anyone’s guess if it will get there or not. If the campaign isn’t quite where it needs to be in its final days, it would be smart for a big publisher like Sony to swoop in and make up the difference in exchange for some limited exclusivity. Not only would the game look great on any list of console exclusives, it would also be great PR to save an underdog developer (and its legions of fans) from painful disappointment.

Indivisible‘s finely curated list of guest characters to up it’s potential capacity to be a marquee title on next year’s E3 stage. As Playstation has made their relationship with indies a selling point for the past few shows, it would fall right in like with their recent marketing strategies to prominently display popular indie icons like Shovel Knight, Juan, Zackasaurus, and now Battle Chasers‘ Callebretto at their booth. The game even has the word “indie” implanted in its name, for gosh sakes.

Of course, it would be best if the game manged to get its funding on its own, but if it ends up needing a publisher, it seems like Sony would be a perfect fit.