Take-Two registers domains that imply a third take at Mafia


Maybe we’ll hear more soon

Mafia IIwas a game with an interesting premise that was largely weighed down by the low-level chores the player was routinely asked to perform. Controlling the seedy underbelly of a city as a mobster is an exciting idea; unloading cigarettes off a truck crate by crate isn’t.

That’s why it’d be fitting if something as rote and dull as some newly-registered domains unofficially began the marketing cycle for Mafia III.

It’s possibly the case, as a NeoGAF userfound that Take-Two Interactive — 2K Games’ parent company — recently registered domains for “mafia3thegame.com,” “mafiaiiithegame.com,” “mafiathree.com,” and “mafiathreethegame.com.” According to DailyChanges, these were all registered last week on June 25, and they’re all hosted by Take-Two.

The existence of a few URLs isn’t the most riveting stuff, but it may hint at an imminent reveal of Mafia III. The second Mafiagame had a speed-limiter that kept your car under a certain speed so the cops wouldn’t pull you over. Pretend you have that equipped, and cap your excitement until something a little more official is announced.

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