Team Ninja working on Romance of the Three Kingdoms adaptation


Probably a little classier than the Kunio-kun version

Koei Tecmo has announced that developer Team Ninja is currently at work on a brand new title, based on the Chinese fable Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The new project, as reported by Famitsu, was revealed yesterday during the Ko Shibusawa 40th Anniversary Program live stream, marking the producer’s legendary career with Koei Tecmo.

Little detail was revealed about the new Romance of the Three Kingdoms title, but Team Ninja is no stranger to working alongside Koei Tecmo, having produced great titles in the Nioh and Ninja Gaiden franchises. Koei itself is intrinsically linked to the source material, having already self-developed a series based on the work. Considered one of the most important pieces of Chinese literature of all time, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a 14th-century epic detailing bitter feudal warfare commencing within the dying days of the Han dynasty.

Strangely enough, this is not the only video game adaptation currently in development, as Arc System Works and A Plus Games are also hard at work on Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou! which will transition the classic work to the Kunio-kun/River City universe. I’m assuming that Team Ninja’s effort might be a little straighter and a little less tongue-in-cheek. We’ll be sure to pass on the pertinent details when Koei Tecmo has more information to offer.