Tell us what you think of Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Let’s have a discussion

I haven’t seen a reaction this strong in quite some time.

Just two days ago during their 2015 E3 press conference, Nintendo revealedMetroid Prime: Federation Force. Emotions, to say, the least, were high. Some people are angry that it exists, rather than a proper Metroid game. Some people are angry at thosepeople. Some folks are saying “Destructoid” as a whole condemns the gamers that are upset about it. Well it’s a good thing Destructoid is comprised of more than one writer!

As a Metroidfan, I totally get it. I mean, I was surprised to see the dislike ratio so high for the debut trailer, but fans haven’t had a solid new game in the franchise since 2007’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (as much as I like Other Mfor what it is, I wish it was better). I’m willing to give Federation Forcea shot of course, but it’s very strange that Nintendo continues to tap dance around this franchise. At least Donkey Kong had plenty of play in other games before Donkey Kong Country Returns was out — Samus barely gets any love.

Much like the Mass Effect 3endingtalk, I want to hear your thoughts and have a discussion. I’ll locate the best responses from all sides of the argument, and present a follow-up piece in the near future.