Telltale details assorted Walking Dead news


Plus a lil’ Game of Thrones

Job Stauffer, Telltale Games’ director of creative communications, recently dropped somenews regarding some of its upcoming products, includingThe Walking Dead: Michonne.

Stauffer kicked off these mini-reveals witha tweet regarding the company’s upcoming Michonne-centric mini-series, indicating a release was close. IGN executive editor of news and Gearbox Software alumnus Andrew Goldfarb pleaded for a 2016 release date, but was met with a schedule announcement (and an indication thatMichonne‘s premiere won’t run any longer than three hours, if you’re into that sort of thing)that almost reads like an old school mafia style threat.

.@garfep Like TV, our schedule this Fall is full of content for different audiences.@GameOfThrones finale 11/17@Minecraft Ep3 this month!

— Job J Stauffer (@jobjstauffer) November 10, 2015

“Eyy, if you don’t give us the protection money like what Alfredo asked for…I dunno, maybe youze gonna wake up one mornin’ and find a whole lotta games to review on ya doorstep, capiche?”

The mini-series was not the only forthcoming Telltale product mentioned by Stauffer. We will have to wait until Michonnereaches its conclusion before Telltale will publicly discuss The Walking Dead Season 3, a game that should not have anything to do with the main characters of the previous two seasons if Telltale has an ounce of self-restraint.

The Walking Dead Season 3was confirmed last year at San Diego Comic Con by The Walking Deadcreator Robert Kirkman and Telltale president Kevin Bruner.