Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode Five: A Nest of Vipers trailer ramps up


The calm before the storm (of swords)

From that trailer, A Nest of Vipers seems like a perfect title for this episode. The question is: which character is in the nest? Asher finds himself in a pit fight (presumably to the death), Gared is north of The Wall in Wildling territory, Mira has a private audience with Cersei and is tasked with manipulating Tyrion, and Rodrik is in the company of the sadistic Ramsay Bolton. I guess the answer to the question is: all of them.

With this trailer we also get a firm release date for Episode Five. Where just yesterday the word was “later this month,” we now know it’s coming out next week. That’s Tuesday, July 21 for Mac, PS3, PS4, and Windows, Wednesday, July 22 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and Thursday, July 23 for Android and iOS. Expect our review of A Nest of Vipers on Tuesday morning.