That new Power Rangers movie is getting a mobile game


Looks way better than the console version

The Power Rangers had a couple of good games back in the 16 bit era. The SNES beat-em-up and Genesis fighting game are still held in high regard, but you’d be hard pressed to find another game from the series that even comes close to the quality of those titles. Heck, the Power Rangers: The Movie game on SNES wasn’t even as good, despite introducing co-op play.

While this new mobile game doesn’t look like anything special, at least it acknowledges the series’ past and looks far more memorable then whatever Mega Battle is supposed to be. Called Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, the game is a fighter with an emphasis on classic villains. From the very limited screenshots, there even looks to be classic designs for the Rangers, which is pretty neat.

Nothing has been stated about whether or not this is a free-to-play title, but the game will be launching sometime before the new film in March. It will be available or iOS and Android and I hope it has controller support. This may be one of those strange times where the mobile cash-in is dramatically better than the console counterpart.

Power Rangers Film Getting Fighting Game Tie-In [IGN]