thatgamecompany's serene Flower is now on iOS


Annapurna is making moves

Flower wasn’t thatgamecompany’s first release, but it did put the studio on the map for a lot of folks. It’s a beautiful, calming experience about gliding across fields and picking up flower petals, and I dug it. The team’s new game Sky is coming to iOS, but first we’ve got a surprise Flower port.

The artsy adventure is now available for iPhone and iPad ($4.99) courtesy of Annapurna Interactive, who has really begun making a name for itself in the indie game space with great titles like What Remains of Edith Finch, Wattam, Donut Country, and the console ports of Kentucky Route Zero.

Playing Flower on a small screen doesn’t sound ideal, but I bet the tilt controls work well.

Flower [App Store]