The Charnel House Trilogy pulling in to the station April 16


It’s a game about trains. Prepare for puns

If I were a smarter man, I’d be railing to fit as many train puns in to this news as is possible, but I will conduct myself properly and keep us on track.

Richard and Alice developers Owl Cave Games will be releasing its 3-in-1 collection of adventure games The Charnel House Trilogy for PC on April 16, according to a source at developer Owl Cave. While we still don’t know how much it will cost, being this good of a sleuth requires years of training.

The Charnel House Trilogy is a collection of three different and intertwined stories, Inhale, Sepulcher, and Exhale, taking place on train full of mystery and suspense. Better than the usual shouty obnoxious businesspeople I seem to get lumped with…

Lots of well-known names are attached to the project: Madeleine Roux, Peter Willington, Jonathan Grier, Ben Chandler; and Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson is working on the music with Jack de Quidt and nervous_testpilot. It’s nice to see Bryan’s found a new station in the games industry after Peter Molyneux forgot all about him.

Oh and Jim Sterling’s in it too, whoever that is. Train pun.