The Cuphead Show got a new clip and Wayne Brady is King Dice


The devil is in the details

We’re still waiting on Netflix’s The Cuphead Show and Studio MDHR’s Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course — but we’ve got a new clip of the former featuring King Dice (played by Wayne Brady!), and the latter is guaranteed to be excellent whenever it’s finished.

In other words, I still hold Cuphead near and dear, and I’m feeling good about its future.

The minute-long clip of The Cuphead Show was released as part of Netflix’s gaming-centric Geeked Week, aka the reason you’re seeing lots of new show announcements and tidbits spill onto Twitter. It’s a window into the wider world of Cuphead and Mugman outside of their boss-bashing exploits, and it’s an adjustment, for sure, but not a huge one.

While the show’s animation doesn’t perfectly capture the best-in-class look of the game or its inspirations, I think it’s pretty much there, tonally — at least based on this sneak peek of Wayne Brady doing his thing as the charismatic slimeball King Dice.

“This character-driven comedy follows the misadventures of impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily-swayed brother Mugman,” according to a summary from Netflix. “Whether it’s angry mermaids, boxing frogs, or the Devil himself, the brothers often find themselves in hot water in their surreal home of Inkwell Isle.”

I’ve skipped many, many Netflix adaptations of games I dig, but I’ll turn up for this one. It’ll be cool to see a new take on these characters, especially some of the bosses that really got under my skin. (That’s a dig at you, Dr. Kahl. The grudge still stands.)