The Elder Scrolls Online on console is massive, and the file size reflects that


Beta starts tomorrow

Anyone who’s planning to play The Elder Scrolls Onlineon consoles likely knows what they’re getting into. The series is known for its scale, and MMOs are massive by definition. Those two together make for a game that won’t be anything short of huge.

We learned today exactly how big it’ll be. Bethesda recommends PS4 and Xbox One users set aside approximately 65GB of hard-drive space for The Elder Scrolls Online. It exceeds the 50GB allotted on a Blu-ray disc, and will require an additional download that weighs in around 15GB. That’s well over ten percent of the 500GB hard-drive that consoles ship with.

While hefty, it’s not unprecedented. Halo: The Master Chief Collectiontook up the same amount of space when it launched last fall. Also, it’s worth noting that according to Steam, The Elder Scrolls Onlineuses 80GB of the HDD on PC. However, space is certainly at more of a premium on consoles than it is on PC.

This news comes as a result of The Elder Scrolls Online entering its console beta tomorrow on both PS4 and Xbox One. The beta is closed, and runs through April 27. However, users aren’t under NDA, meaning that there should be plenty of opportunity to check it out via people who are streaming it. This is all in preparation of the game’s proper release on June 9.

The ESOTU Console Beta Starts Tomorrow! [The Elder Scrolls Online]