The Epic Games Store gets a few good quality of life updates, no shopping cart yet


Expanded cloud save support and Humble Bundle integration are the key points

The Epic Games Store is still growing, and amid a few features like free monthly games, it still has a way to go to reach the parity levels of some existing marketplaces. With closing so many deals it seems like the plan is full steam ahead though, and that includes a major update to the client this week.

Epic Games is adding cloud saves to a bunch of new games, most notably Darksiders IIIand The Sinking City, but you can check out the full list below. The idea is that Epic needs to test out cloud save functionality with developers individually, but going forward new games that support the feature will have it at launch.

The other big thing is Humble Bundle keyless integration, which is quickly going to become one of my favorites. Basically if you link your Epic Games account with your Humble Bundle account, you can instantly redeem games after buying them so long as they’re compatible with the platform with one click: no code cut and paste surgery needed.

Epic is also giving the store a “face-lift,” which includes “beefier” descriptions for games and a general UI improvement (something the Switch eShop could really use a pass of).Epic says they’re in the midst of rolling out improvements such as lowered patch sizes, more behind the scenes upgrades for developers, a new look for user libraries (including a list view), and better “installation experiences,” like faster downloads.

As always, there’s a public road map to peruse too, with a shopping cart listed as a “long term” (over six month) goal. It’ll get there eventually!

August Feature Update – Cloud Saves, Humble Bundle Keyless Integration, and More! [Epic]