The Fire Emblem mobile game will have a lot of familiar faces


Please be good

So far, Nintendo has been pretty fair with their mobile releases. But a strategy game that houses microtransactions? It has the potential to get a little hairy. Well, maybe not any more hairy than a typical NIS SRPG that has characters linked to a fee but I digress.

Fire Emblem Heroesis going to be here really soon (just over a week on Android), but for now you can check out the newest character trailer that showcases quite a few series staples. A lot of it is based on newer entries like Awakeningand Fates, but there’s a few old school cast members in there too.

At the very least it’s great that Nintendo is trying new things. First a free social networking app, then a premium “one fee buys all” platformer, and now, a strategy RPG. I wonder what kind of scheme Animal Crossingwill entail?