The Genshin Impact team is rolling back the recent controversial Yae Miko changes


‘We will roll back the Yae Miko targeting fix’

A recent set of Yae Miko changes are being rolled back according to Genshin Impact developer miHoYo, for parameters they ‘did not consider.’

As a refresher, Yae Miko was the star of the last major update, and as a result, tons of people wanted to snatch her up. However, the designers implemented a “fix” that changed the way her abilities worked: which did not go over well with the community. In short, her elemental skill was nerfed to target the nearest enemy instead of random ones, which caused all sorts of issues if they had a shield.

So that’s getting rolled back on April 6, and everyone is getting 100 Primogems as an apology, even if you don’t own or use Yae Miko. Just make sure to grab it before it expires. Some players don’t think this is enough and Yae Miko still needs more changes, but that’s likely a battle for another day.

The studio details the entire process in a new blog, which noted that they “did not consider the effect of this modification on all possible combat scenarios during testing and verification.” In other words, when trying out the change internally, they could have mostly tested favorable combat conditions and not noticed how it impacted a number of shielded confrontations.

In the future, miHoYo will also “endeavor to adjust [their] testing and verification process in the future to avoid making changes that cause the user experience to suffer in certain scenarios.”