The Great Ace Attorney 2 gets web browser demo and piggy bank edition


DLC is temporarily free

We not be able to get our hands on The Great Ace Attorney 2for quite some time, but at least we’ll have a demo that’s playable right from your browser(Japanese). Capcom released this demo along with the new trailer above and information on the game itself as part of an on-going celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Ace Attorneyseries.

One of the early cases involves a British exchange student who is murdered on a beach, causing her Japanese friend’s arrest for being near the crime scene. The case may escalate into an international conflict.

Two limited editions will be available. One just has the soundtrack, while the e-Capcom Limited Edition includes not only that soundtrack but also a sofubi piggy bank of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a university notebook, three pencils, and a “Read Aloud CD” that appears to feature characters reading work of Natsume Soseki. First-print orders will also include three coasters.

Additionally, there will betwo chapters included as bonuses that won’t be available in the future, if you really believe Capcom won’t sell them as DLC later. Alternative costumes for Ryunosuke Naruhodo,Susato Mikotoba, and Sherlock Holmes will be free from August 3 (release date) until August 31, after which they will become paid DLC.

Capcom is trying their best to maximize sales obviously. Well, there’s one way to sell a lot of copies, and it rhymes with “bestern jokelization.”