The Halo Infinite launch trailer shows off the scope of the campaign


It’s out next week

The Halo Infinite launch trailer is two and a half minutes long, and showcases what the upcoming iteration is all about: mostly blowing stuff up.

Okay, there is some story, as evidenced by this clip. We get to see a brief representation of the conflict in Halo Infinite, which comprises roughly the first minute of this trailer. Then Master Chief says a badass line, and blows stuff up for the other half.

It’s very on-brand for Chief, and provides a lot of hope for folks who were afraid that the open world bits of Infinite would sacrifice the core of what the series was about. We get to see tons of running and gunning, lots of explosions, and some vehicle play. The classic Halo tune plays while all this chaos is unfolding. It’s pretty much everything a Halo fan could ask for.

As an aside, watching the Halo Infinite launch trailer on YouTube directly, it’s so weird not seeing the dislike button. Corporations win again! Though I can’t imagine this one getting that many dislikes. The nostalgia for Halo is strong, and this was a good showing for the game, perhaps the best to date. While the free-to-play multiplayer component is out now, the campaign arrives on December 8.