The Last Guardian is out in 2016, according to Edge Magazine


The boy who cried Guardian

Holy hell thatLast Guardian footage was something right? We all laughed, cried, and collectively became excited. Then it was delayed into oblivion, and put into development hell despite the fact that we were reassured every six months that it was “still real” and “still coming.”And here’s another one of those, this time from Edge Magazine.

In Edge’s latest issue, out today, new gameplay details have been shared, but most notably — a 2016 window has been confirmed.It comes straight from director Fumito Ueda’s mouth: Since this is the year we will see the game’s release, I do have some worries, but I’m also very excited.” This year? You don’t say.

The boy protagonist also sports a “mirrored shield that can be aimed at surfaces,” and Trico, the titular beast, can “fire a devastation beam of red lightning from his tail,” which can be used in tandem with the shield. I can see some pretty amazing puzzles based on that concept for sure — especially since the creature “disregards your attempts to tame it.” Ueda is steadfast in that he doesn’t want you to completely control it, saying that he’s “had enough” of that, and that it will have its “own desires.” To this end, its role will be “ambiguous” and not necessarily helpful all the time (cool, cool).

I know when people have been waiting for a game so long that they have the “I don’t care anymore” mentality, but whenever this comes out I will be on it immediately. If Sony is willing to commit to a 2016 release like this, we can probably expect something at E3.

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