The latest Fallout 76 update includes a Moonshine Jamboree


It’s in the PTS now

The Fallout 76 Moonshine Jamboree is nearly upon us, as the latest PTS (public test server) update just dropped. It’s all part of the Test Your Metal patch, which is being tested now and will make its way into the game soon enough.

Content-wise we’re looking at three new events: Test Your Metal (arguably the biggest one, which is a gladiatorial skirmish), Eviction Notice (tuned for “higher level characters,” this one is a supply crate defense mission), and Moonshine Jamboree (gather acidic gulper venom to pour into a bathtub to make moonshine [why wasn’t more stuff like this in the base game?]). If you’re encountering weird voiceovers or a complete lack of them, Bethesda says they are coming in the final version: this is just a PTS placeholder to test the actual content.

More odds and ends are coming as a result of the Test Your Metal update too! You can find those functional updates below. The big ones include general mod buffs across the board.

As a reminder, all of the Bethesda launcher functionality is moving to Steam very soon. In “early April” you’ll be able to make the switch, and in May, the Bethesda launcher will be gone.

Fallout 76 additional improvements coming:

  • Critical Hit damage bonuses are now all additive, and we’ve increased the bonuses provided by many items to help compensate for this change. Here’s the full list:
    • Standard Receiver Mods: Bonus increased from +68% to +100%
    • Auto Receiver Mods: Bonus increased from +36% to +50%
    • Overdrive: Bonus increased from +15% to +30%
    • Eagle Eyes: Bonus increased from +25% to +50%
    • Eagle Eyes (when buffed by the “Stranger In Numbers” Perk Card): Bonus increased from +32% to +100%
    • Tesla Science Magazine #8: Bonus increased from +15% to +50%
    • Firecracker Berry Juice: Bonus increased from +10% to +25%
    • Sweet Mutfruit Tea, Megasloth Mushroom Soup, Blight Soup, Steeped Thistle Tea: Bonus increased from +20% to +50%
    • All Magazines affecting per weapon type critical: Bonus increased from +30% to +150%
  • We’ve also adjusted the interaction between Luck and how it helps fill the Critical Hit meter.
    • After reaching 12 Luck, the bonus will start to taper off from 1.5 per Luck to 0.05 per Luck at 30, and beyond.
    • For example, 15 Luck would previously give a fill rate of 22.5. Now, it gives 22.02. 30 Luck previously gave 45, and now gives 31.23.