The latest Switch update will allow you to play your games on a second console


Just make sure you have good internet

We’re less than two years into the Nintendo Switch lifecycle and its operating system is already at Version 6.0.0. Launching yesterday in coordination with the debut of Nintendo Switch Online, Version 6.0.0 is bringing cloud save capability to the system for the first time, as we’ve thoroughly covered already, as well as some slightly unexpected new features. We’re now able to share four screenshots on social media at the same time, there are new Captain Toad icons for us to use (if you can stand the sight of the little guy after yesterday), and we can now play our downloaded games on a second Switch.

With the Version 6.0.0, the first Switch you use to log onto the eShop using your Nintendo Account will be considered your “primary console.” It will act just as your Switch did before this OS update, minus the ability to unlink your account from your Switch user as that feature has been removed. If for some reason you’re without your primary console, but have another Switch available, you can now designate that system as a “non-primary console” and get access to games and apps you’ve purchased in the eShop.

There are a few restrictions, however. For starters, you must maintain an active internet connection if you’re playing on a secondary console. If you lose connectivity, the game will pause after a certain amount of time and you won’t be able to continue until you reconnect. Your game will also pause if another Switch console starts using your account. Furthermore, when using a non-primary console, the only software available for you to downloadare those titles you purchased as your Switch user. Something to keep in mind if you share your console with family or friends.

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