The long-awaited Panzer Dragoon II Zwei remake is finally coming out this year


Plans were originally announced in 2016

A lot of people have probably forgotten by now, but in December of 2018, it was announced by studio Forever Entertainment that both Panzer Dragoon and the sequel, Zwei, would be getting full remakes. That latter bit was lost in the shuffle, as we haven’t seen nor heard anything from the project since then.

Thankfully, the outfit changed that this past week through a Twitter announcement. As plain as day, Panzer Dragoon Zweiremake is slated for release “this year,” in 2021. It’s still vague, but at least we know that work is heavily underway and it is coming.

Although the original Panzer Dragoonremake started out rough, the team laboriously patched it until it was in a better state. With the hindsight they have now, it stands to reason that Zweiwill be in better shape.

It would behoove them to put their best foot forward on this, too, to avoid a hit to their reputation.

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