The new Mega Man cartoon looks uh, well you'll see


Super Fighting Robot

Fans have basically given up hope. Sure Capcom is pumping out Mega Man merchandise daily, and there’s another mobile game on the way, but the series has been in limbo — no question about it.

There was a glimmer of hope though in the new cartoon project from Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Media, and as of today, Deadline is giving us our first look at what it will entail.Airing “sometime in 2017,” to align with the 30th anniversary of the franchise, it will be aimed at “kids 6 to 9,” and “the parents who grew up playing [the games],” and follows alter-ego “Aki Light,” the “normal, upbeat schoolboy robot who, when activated, re-forms into a suit of impenetrable armor.”

I don’t know what we all expected. It’s that soul-crushing Mega Man Hope!

DHX Media Boards ‘Mega Man’ Animated TV Series Based On Classic Video Game [Deadline]