The new Pokemon movie is out tomorrow in Japan, here's one final look at it


Tomorrow? It’s today in Japan! What?

Did you watch that recentPokemon movie reboot where Pikachu spoke in English and proclaimed its love for Ash? Freaky right?

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story is a follow-up to that insanely spiritual conclusion and it may or may not be as crazy. It continues the new reboot universe storyline and moves into Fura City during a wind festival set to the backdrop of a Lugia arc. Oh, and it’s out in Japan on July 13, so you might be able to check it out yourself soon enough — or like the rest of us, wait patiently for the international release.

Given that the film is now locked and loaded there’s one final trailer for the romp, which you can view below. Brock and Misty are still not companions in this universe, you’ll have to get used to it.