The new retro: Japanese mystery Back In 1995 looks like a PS1 game


Want to feel old? The PlayStation 1 is retro

Ah, 1995. A good vintage. Earthquakes in Russia and Japan combined to kill nearly 10,000, the New York Times published Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto, folks made Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream into a videogame, Coolio was still living in a Gangster’s Paradise.

Gosh, it was 20 years ago. Good enough for being retro, far as games go. Back In 1995 isn’t the first game to intentionally call back to the low-poly era and won’t be the last. Look how excited everyone was to play Donkey Kong 64 again. And I’m still having fun with Bushido Blade or Syphon Filter‘s insane taser. Let’s enjoy the befuddling 3D spaces that require us to fill in the details before Kickstarter gets filthy with them.

Tokyo-based independent developer Ichijou Takaaki’s “first experience of video games” was the “low graphics, early stage polygon games,” so it’s only appropriate that this mystery adventure game hark back to that style. It’s still early in development, but Back in 1995 will be at the Tokyo Indie Fest 2015 in May. If you’re going, please take me with you.

Back In 1995: A Japanese Mystery Adventure Made To Look Like A PS1 Game [Siliconera]