The new Strixhaven set is out in Magic: Arena, and you can get three free packs now



Magic: The Gathering Arena is back with another set, which is kinda sorta in early access form in Arenabefore it hits stores.

The entire theme of Strixhaven is “magical schools,” including factions that resurrect life to study it, or essentially rap battle to showcase their wit. And naturally, a ton of new cards are coming with it. It’s not just a mechanical change though, as Wizards is now altering how the mastery (season) pass works.

Track rewards are mostly the same as before, but mastery rewards (given out periodically) also offer avatars on top of card styles. It’s a very small change in the context of card mechanics, but rather large when it comes to the cosmetic layer of the game. I hope it sticks around.

You can benefit from the new launch with a classic free pack promo. To get the three free packs, just enter the code “PLAYSTRIXHAVEN.”

Also, don’t forget the free Strixhaven-themed sleeves. You can find the codes below.

Sleeve codes:

  • RockJocks (Lorehold)
  • ArtClub (Prismari)
  • DebateDuelists (Silverquill)
  • SwampPunks (Witherbloom)
  • MathWhizzes (Quandrix)