The newest Borderlands 3 event flaunts two weeks of 'Rare Chest Riches'


From today at 9AM PT through February 13

Gearbox is keeping thatBorderlands 3 event trail rolling yet again, as the “Rare Chest Riches” mini-event is rarin’ to go.

Announced by way of the official blog, “the rarity of loot inside all rare chests” has been increased, which enhances your ability to find legendary items throughout the course of the event. Oddly enough this thing has Twitch functionality, as you can enhance loot chances by watching a streamer so long as both parties have the ECHOcast Twitch extension installed. Gearbox calls this a “one in four chance” of claiming an item for yourself while watching, and those items will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.

As a reminder, you’ll need to have a Shift account to get all of that up and running. The rare chest event will start today at 9AM PT, and will run through February 13 at 8:59 AM PT. It begins just as the Farming Frenzy event has winded down.

Issues with the core game aside, Gearbox has been on the ball with free events to keep people playing beyond the paid DLC track: which has given us one fine campaign so far.

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