The newest episode of Nintendo Minute gave us the wildest official picture of Waluigi yet


Um, excuse me, what?

Over the weekend Nintendo put out a pretty innocent looking “Nintendo Switch Lite Blue Unboxing + Color Comparison” video, which was supposed to just compare and contrast the new Lite model. But uh, another story sort of took shape and conquered that conversation.

Very early into the video, Nintendo Minute host Kit states “We got Waluigi, yes,” when showcasing all of the toys and props that will be used to highlight the color of the blue Lite. But right as they say that, a new seemingly official Waluigi render pops up on screen and it is provocative!

He’s stretched around in a sultry manner, with his tongue out (a rare Waluigi tongue sighting), and is ready to lick that rose. Something is going down and right before you can try and imagine what, the video cuts and everyone acts like they never showed that image. But we saw it.

You can see it in the video here, or watch it below at roughly 15 seconds in. ExtremeGhirahim vibes!

Oh, and you get six good minutes in with the Switch Lite blue model if that’s what you want. But that’s not what you came here for.