The newest Humble Bundle focuses on very good (but overlooked) games


We recommend the sausage

The latest Humble Bundle is made up of games that have already gone through the vetting process, that have already gotten a blanketed seal of approval. But, they’re also games that have gone largely overlooked. Consider this a chance to pick up some underappreciated gems.

The theme for this newest Humble Bundle is “Very Positive,” as in they’re all sitting at a very positive rating on Steam. Right now, there are eight titles available for anyone who contributes $10 or more. Here’s the rundown:

At the “pay whatever you want tier” (but a minimum of $1), you’ll get Steam keys for Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, and They Bleed Pixels. Anyone willing to chip in more than the average (which is $5.83 at time of writing) will add Hacknet, Crashlands, and UnderRail.

Finally, at the most expensive tier, a payment of $10 or more nets you Stephen’s Sausage Rolland Curious Expedition. The former is especially worth considering because we gave it a perfect 10 and it was included in our Game of the Year discussion. But hey, if the sausage isn’t to your tastes, there’s plenty more on the menu.

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