The next Call of Duty reveal starts with a Snapchat account



This has been a weird week for social media-related game reveals and teases. First, Square Enix set off to announce a game by streaming a man lying unconscious in a cell. Now, Call of Dutyhas updated one of its old titles to put focus on selfies rather than shooters.

Anyone still playing Black Ops II‘s multiplayer may have noticed an alteration to a couple of the maps. Two Snapchat QR codes have been added on posters throughout the levels. Scanning them from within the app adds Call of Dutyas a friend.

The Call of Dutyaccount has already posted two “stories” — updates that can be seen by all followers and aren’t subject to disappearing after the initial viewing. The first, embedded in this tweet, is a video that says “listen only to the sound of my voice,” and mostly shows a forest. The second is more involved, as this tweet captures.

Call of Dutytraditionally announcement its new annual title around the start of May. While it may seem a bit early now, this has all the makings of a new game reveal. But, we’ll have to stay glued to social media to watch the puzzle unfold.

Black Ops 2 has been updated with viral marketing for the Next Call of Duty [Charlie Intel]