The next Inside Xbox stream is happening on April 7


No new details for the Xbox Series X

It’s been a while! Microsoft is prepping another episode of its Inside Xbox news show, and the date is set: the stream will start at 2:00 p.m. Pacific on April 7, 2020, via YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

If you’re inclined to wonder if we’ll hear any announcements related to the Xbox Series X, hey, me too – but that’s a no-go. Microsoft has said upfront that “while we won’t have any new details to share for Xbox Series X, we are excited to sit down with Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X Jason Ronald, to discuss the recently revealed technical specifications and what they mean for gamers.”

This episode of Inside Xbox is expected to come in at under 40 minutes, and apart from upcoming indie games, we’ll get some updates on Gears Tactics, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Xbox Game Pass.

I know Grounded is a wild card – it’s a first-person survival adventure set in a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-style world, which isn’t typically what comes to mind when I think of Obsidian – but I’m rooting for it. After tomorrow’s Inside Xbox, the team will stream a “first-look” at the single-player story.

At this point, I’m kind of expecting the new Xbox Game Pass inclusions to be the big-ticket item from this stream (although Gears Tactics is supposed to be surprisingly great). Microsoft’s most exciting stuff is tied up with the Xbox Series X, and the rest of 2020 feels slim as far as Xbox One is concerned.

I’m in this funky headspace right now where I’m fixated on the games we already know about launching as originally intended rather than constantly wondering about what’s on the horizon. Anyone else?