The ninja action game Ghostrunner is getting another demo before its October 27 release


Check back on September 29 for an updated Steam demo

The fast-dashing cyber-ninja action game Ghostrunner is releasing on October 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store). It’ll be a nice little cyberpunk taster before we feast in November. The launch price – $29.99, with discounts available if you pre-order – reflects that status.

This trailer out of PAX 2020 reiterates that the heart of this game is jumping, dashing, wall-running, grapple-swinging, and doing everything in your power to quickly close the distance on your foes.

My favorite part? Fast reloads. Death isn’t a pace-killing setback.

If you haven’t sliced and diced fools in Ghostrunner‘s limited-time demo, an “updated” build is coming back to Steam on September 29. There’s also a private beta sign-up if you’re that into these vibes.

I appreciate having a mid-priced, straight-to-the-point action game as we gear up for next-gen.